Firm that focuses on what's different, the exclusivity, the luxury. Passion for creating and be original. A world of design and color; a nod, a smile, an emotion within our daily lives.

Handcrafted furniture that takes care of every last detail; reinterpreting shapes, materials and colours, creating pieces with personality inspired by culture, art, architecture and fashion; high quality tapestries, silks and unique fabrics selected for select and exclusive atmospheres.


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Decinti & Villalon

Victor Prieto


 Professional photographer specializing in digital photography. Author of photos on your home and work sections header.
I am lucky enough to enjoy his  friendship and his generosity, trying to pass me some of his many skills.
I hope to continue to enjoying his company and with the illusion of being able to work together on a project.

Photo Gallery:



"Become an instant eternal. Enjoy emotions, colors, shapes, lights. Images that allow you to capture odors, taste textures,  feel almost a caress.

     Sometimes the expertise of a camera, other lucky eye or the beauty of a landscape. A small selection of special moments, all and each one of them.

     "Dispara-te" does more than share emotions captured in images."

Member of the Bohemian Cultural Association



Cultural Association that seeks to promote the art and culture. Courses in painting, writing, crafts and other artistic activities such as competitions are organized.


The trend of the Association is very clear, cultural enrichment and the creation. We are therefore open to a world of diversity and ideas.

ARGADINI Foundation


ARGADINI is working the emotional education through creativity, for the cultural and social integration of people with intellectual disability, attention deficit and autism spectrum disorder, developing activities related to the world of art.


A member of the Foundation commissioned me a series of ten portraits that reflect different emotions in children. Three of them gave them as a gift.


The works can be seen in the Cabinet of psicoestudio "El Sendero de Felipe":

DAR Foundation

Donation of several works for solidarity flea market in Madrid.


DAR, are mainly focused on health, education, power, women and social exclusion both in our country and outside our borders. We want to educate Spanish society and its involvement in the achievement of purposes of social interest and humanitarian aid as well as the development cooperation with the countries of the third world.